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Fibrax recognise that design is just the start of the process, but we know that good design is essential to the delivery of capable, high quality components within project timescales and just as importantly, within budget.

Design for Bootlid Grommet

  • Accredited to ISO9001:2004 for design and development
  • Industry standard solid modelling systems
  • Use cross functional teams for design and development
  • Utilise the latest APQP methods
  • Able to offer a full test and validation service for new designs

Fitted Bootlid Grommet

Fibrax have extensive experience of design, utilising different types of rubbers, plastics and thermo-plastic elastomers, for a wide variety of applications, from complex mouldings that need to withstand the rigours of life on a Land Rover, through to dry suit seals that need to be flexible, delicate and comfortable. Do you have an application and wonder if we can help? We probably can so call us.